Aktuelle Nachrichten
Dear Guild Brothers and Sisters, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen !
Four years have passed since the last congress of the World Federation Gabriel in Rankweil.
Then it was planned to hold the next congress in Germany at the Dutch border in the monastery Frenswegen in Nordhorn in August 2019.  However, this was not possible.
After an agreement with the board of the WB, we accepted the beautiful offer of the Austrian guild to organize the WB Congress in the Benedictine Abbey of Admont, Austria.
Guild brother chairman Willi Remes offered us a nice programme:
13 June - 9.00 a.m. World Federation Conference, construction of the stamp exhibition, excursion to the Postal Museum Eisenerz
14 June - all-day excursion - ascent with cable car to the Dachstein south face/glacier world
15 June - First day / presentation of the special-issue stamp "Sacral Art" with a motif from the Gothic Museum - Stift Admont.   The World Federation will also be seeking a special stamp. Continue: Guided tour through the Gothic exhibition and the monastery.
16 June - Church service, dismantling of the stamp show, further excursions (possibly departure on 16 or 17 June in the morning).
There will be a small stamp show with 30 frames - partly to be filled by the WB.
We live in a time of reflection on religious events, which undoubtedly goes hand in hand with a reduction in ecclesiastical practice. In addition, the enormous development of other leisure activities makes collecting stamps less attractive.
I would therefore like to thank all those responsible in the various national guilds for their efforts to ensure the continued existence of their guild. The internal functioning of the country guilds is the most important thing. But also the more or less regular meetings of the boards of the different national guilds and the contacts between them remain important.
Therefore I would like to thank the Dutch Gabriel Guild once again for the realization of our website. Perhaps both the board of the World Federation and those responsible for the various guilds will have to step up their efforts to obtain more information.
On the other hand, this website is also intended to establish contacts with collectors of religious philately in countries where no guild is active. You can contact the President of the World Federation directly.
We would therefore like to invite all interested parties to our World Congress in Admont.
Since the rooms must be booked in time, I ask you to contact Guild Brother Willi Remes as soon as possible. He has already organized a hotel at very reasonable prices: 47 € per  person in a double room and 55 € in a single room.
I don't need to stress that the participation of all country guilds is very important. It is not only about new elections, but also about the future of our World Federation. I am counting on each of you and looking forward to a pleasant reunion. 
Many thanks to the Austrian Guild and especially to Chairman Willi Remes,

Ghent, 20.1.2019
Mark Bottu,
President of the WB

GB Wilhelm Remes : wilhelm.remes@interchild.at
GB Mark  Bottu : mark.bottu@telenet.be